Utilizing Credit Cards Wisely

Credit is such a prestigious facility that not everyone can get it, because armed with their card, the holder will be able to utilise it for the purpose of buying almost anything. If you want to use it to the fullest, credit cards can be turned into a useful friend and ready to help when you need it.


Most obvious is utilising a credit card to pay the monthly bills, such as electricity, telephone, cable television, and so on. Credit cards can be a good solution short term. Existing bill can be solved first with a credit card and keep you from incurring late penalties are not necessary. It further helps when you pay the credit card bill when you receive your cash salary income. This is the main benefit of credit cards, which is to manage cash flow. So, do not hesitate to take advantage of the credit card as long as it does to help the household financial arrangements. However, try not to use a credit card to meet consumer needs while shopping, such as buying a fashion product that is not planned as It is only a momentary pleasure and may be one that you come to regret.


People with a steady income every month may put themselves forward as a credit card customer. Before submitting an application, you should calculate which percentage of your income is already allocated to pay off existing debts such as mortgages, car loans or other needs. Remember though – some credit cards can reach interest rates of up to 45% during the year.


Always remember that your card is a payment tool, not an alternative funding source. This also applies to the use of credit cards to comply with the limit. And the most obvious and is to maximise the amount for yourself to make the payment per month.


Often, prizes or rewards come with your credit card. It could be because you are obedient debtor, you get shopping vouchers or other prizes that will brighten your day every month. Take advantage and enjoy it very well, it’s your right. Normally, each person has a maximum of two credit cards, with one of them as a backup.


Your bank will calculate your financial abilities before deciding to give a credit card with a certain amount limit. So that the amount of your debt is limited. Do not ask for more because it definitely will hurt you later on.