Using KTA Loans For Getting Married

Taking credit without collateral (KTA) to pay for a wedding? Sometimes people use KTA to pay for this. After all, it is assumed that the debt will be paid together by the pair.


At first glance, using KTA as a shortcut for funds can be quick, easy, and practical, as you do not need collateral to take this credit. Moreover, if the couple are working and have both have salaries, the bank will easily agree KTA.


orrow the KTA but first understand its effect. KTA usually applies the flat rate. That is, the calculation of interest is always calculated on the principal debt and will always be the same until the mortgage ends.


If familiar with the methods of the imposition of interest, then it is highly recommended to pay the loan within a short time. The longer the loan period, the greater the accumulation of interest that must be paid. This is because the flat rate system makes the debt to be paid more than double the amount of the initial loan.


You may think that you can to repay the debt of KTA, perhaps from gifts of money obtained from your wedding. However, remember KTA loans cannot be paid off at will. The bank would suffer losses if there are customers who pay off KTA.


So before applying carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of KTA. If KTA is the only way to afford to get married, first check the 5 points below:

– KTA product survey

This is obligatory. Although the average interest rate charged banks do not differ much, usually the bank will provide the added value of its products. For example, the ease of auto-debit. But definitely, look for products with the lowest interest rates KTA than others.

– Make the loan as small as possible

KTA advise using a loan to get married as a last resort. But if forced to take a personal loan, it is advisable to take the smallest amount you can. With a small loan, the repayments per month will also not erode monthly income.

– Short time period

nce the loan is confirmed, the longer the duration of the loan the greater the interest charges. This is why it is important to make the repayments over a short period of time. It is better to endeavor to overpay more that the minimum amount of the monthly instalments.

– Do not cover the loan with a credit card

This way does not resolve the problem. On the contrary it is simply moving debt to other sectors. When it is owed in one place, debt is easier to manage.

– Keep your word

Pay off the debt on time and the bank will respect you as a good customer to give future loans. Your reputation will be remembered and be a recommendation to obtain other bank products. Conversely, if late and unreliable, you can enter the Customer Blacklists (DHN). Once on the lists, it is difficult to be removed or to be trusted again.


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