TIPS: Used Car Loans

You may prefer to buy new, but in matters of buying a car it may not be the best decision. The main reason is the price of a new car. But if you buy a used car, you can get more value for your money.


The main thing you must realise is that the purchas of a used car loan is different to buying a new car. You really need knowledge about cars. If you do not, take advice from someone is more familiar about them.


This is why buying a used car can be tricky. Mean heart to downsize rather than buy a new car, but what if any power loss can make a choice. In addition, the other is to determine the specification of  the car according to your needs and the availability of funds.


If purchased on credit, then there is the consideration of the amount of the instalment plus the maintenance costs of the car. On that basis, it is advisable to use the amount of funds as a benchmark for choosing a car. Collecting information about the market price of used car auto loan information – this is very important.


So then you visit the used car showroom.  There is usually a lineup of used cars with guaranteed quality. Apart from the price, consumers can compare one brand with another brand with all its advantages and disadvantages at the same time.


The showroom salesman will be familiar with consumer questions, including purchasing on credit. They will have a variety of car loans that can be selected.


Their question to you will be the amount of down payment you can make, the loan, and the amount of the instalments. Before you answer, ask them to give you examples of used car loans based on the value of the down payment and the amount of the mortgage. Remember that the shorter the repayment time and the smallest amount of interest is your goal.


If you are not satisfied with the credit products offered and you consider the interest rates too stifling, there are still other ways. See what cheaper deals are available if you buy with cash. So, look for cash without collateral from the bank to cover it. This option will make our loan repaid to the bank. Or you could also consider non-bank unsecured loans if they are better value.


So your car has been selected and the payment method has been arranged. Something else you need to know. Make sure the of car’s legality. You are strongly advised to check the vehicle papers. If the vehicle is plated B (the area of the Jakarta Police law), you can check via SMS to 1717.


Another thing that is important is tax repayment. Notice when the tax expires. As much as possible get a vehicle with a longer duration of tax so there is no immediate extra to pay. After everything is done, do not forget to insure your car! Then, you can drive and enjoy your car!