TIPS: Understanding Your Rights For Credit Card Users

Today, credit cards can not be arbitrarily given. Here are some rules issued by Bank Indonesia (BI) that we at want to share with you. In essence, these rules are meant to protect holders of BI credit cards in Indonesia so that you can minimise problems such as misuse of credit facilities which result in bad loans or credit card debt that has accumulated. Violation of consumer rights in the implementation of credit card debt collection, and so on. This advice is based on:


Bank Indonesia Regulation Number: 14/2 / PBI / 2012 concerning amendment to Bank Indonesia regulation No. 11/11 / PBI / 2009 on the implementation of the payment card Circulation letter (SE) No. 14/17 / DASP Subject Amendment to Bank Indonesia Circulation letter No. 11/10 / DASP.


For Prospective Cardholders there are major requirements you should look for:




Prospective holders of major credit card must be at least 21 years, or 18 years old but already officially married. Prospective extra cardholders must be a minimum of 17 years, or younger but already officially married.




Minimum Rp 3 million – 10 million per month. You can accept a credit card facility up to a maximum of 2 from your credit card issuer. The maximum number of cumulative credit limit that you can receive is equal to three times your monthly income.


Example: Your revenue is Rp 8 million per month. You already have a credit card issuer A with a ceiling of USD 15 million. You can only obtain a credit card from the issuer B with a maximum ceiling of Rp 9 million (3 times your monthly income). Earning over 10 million per month is not subject to such restrictions.


Credit card issuers are required to provide written information that comes with an example or illustration that is easy to understand, including:

●    High interest rates either monthly or yearly.
●    the pattern, ordinances, and the calculation of interest components.
●    Application procedures and requirements for the abolition of interest, if there are errors in credit card interest charges.

For Credit Card Holders there are some rules that can protect your consumer rights:

●    Limit of 3 per cent interest per month.
●    Late fee of 3 percent per month but not more than USD 150,000. If it is declared, fines are not enforced.
●    Lender is entitled to use the services of a debt collector aka billing, but with special conditions: The debt collector can only collect credit card bills that have not been paid at all for a time.
●    The quality of the implementation of billing by debt collectors should be equal to and guaranteed by the issuer of the credit card itself.
●    When collecting, debt collectors must use an official identity card issued by the credit card issuer, complete with photographs to prove their identity.

Debt collectors are prohibited to:

●    charge to parties other than the credit card holder.
●    use threat, violence and / or acts that are humiliating to credit card holders.
●    use physical or verbal pressure.
●    Use conduct that is continually disruptive.
●    Debt collectors may only visit the billing address or the credit card holder’s domicile from 8 am to 8 pm regiona time. If the visit is to be made to other premises or outside of these hours this is first subject to approval of credit card holders.