TIPS: Planning A Wedding

Our wedding day is one of the most memorable moments in our lives. Every person wants to do something special and memorable. A budget needs to be set – and nowadays, both men and women can to contribute to the costs:


Define the concept of marriage, what it means to you and what you both expect on your day – and will the wedding be traditional, International or a ‘dream’ wedding, which of course will impact on the costs involved. Marriage can be a costly event, involving invitations, catering, location, clothes and so on. Sometimes a wedding organiser can help in ensuring that the day runs smoothly and can be efficient financially, as they usually have contacts for discounts etc., from suppliers or venues.


When the wedding date has been determined, the couple should start setting aside income per month. How big, depends on the ability of the couple. Deadlines also determine the amount of costs to be put aside per month. It is a good idea that the couple getting married that make a separate account and ensure that the amount of the account will not diminished each month.


Perhaps a portion of the financing will be shared between spouses and parents. There are times when parents still want to contribute to providing most of the financial assistance for their child’s wedding. Saving in a transparent and fair manner which is known to all parties will be better, if all parties agree. Thus, each party getting a fair portion of the financing, which would be 25% for the bride, groom and both parents. For some cultures the discussion portion of the financing of this wedding must be done carefully so as not to offend.


The number of invited guests must also be directly proportional to the costs to be incurred. For example couples and families should think about the ease of its guests to reach the wedding reception venue, as transport may need to be arranged. Unexpected expenses can, and often do, occur – things like extra accommodation for guests etc. An extra 10% of savings should be put aside for these things.


Good bookkeeping: Set aside a notebook to record all your considered expenses – this will ensure that you have a happy and carefree wedding day, with no expensive surprises!