TIPS: Memories Your PIN Numbers

Memorise your six-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) numbers for your credit card(s). credit card is six digits from now. The use of the PIN is obligatory – in addition to your signature because it is a rule issued by Bank Indonesia (BI).


The central bank has issued Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI), effective from January 1 2015. The bank or credit card issuer shall apply the security system in the form of credit card transactions a six-digit PIN. PIN does not only apply when withdrawing cash, but for the entire transaction.


This rule makes clear the credit card issuing bank must advise their customers of this. Currently most of the credit card PIN numbers are four digits only. On this basis, the bank will set up a registration process again to the credit card holder to make a six-digit PIN in accordance with the regulations of BI.


This six-digit PIN policy is intended to protect customers. At the moment many cases of misuse of credit cards in every transaction is because only the card owner’s signature is needed. Now with a six-digit PIN they can at least minimise the crime that is ultimately detrimental to customers.


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