TIPS: Making Money by Using Your Mobile Phone

Smart phones are consumer goods – the phone can be economical and easy asset as a source of extra money. This has been practised in selling online through social media sites that can currently be accessed via smart phones. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The account owner can utilise social media activity on the site to display their wares. The more friends, the more will see this.


But you do not need to be a ‘trader’ who has merchandise to transact via social media sites, as There is an easy way to get money without the need of using goods.


Examples of an easy way to make money with cell phone mobiles is to be active in buying and selling online. Sites such asas,,, or Kaskus can be used.  All applications that are able to run on phones with the Android operating system, iOS, and Windows. Online trading is becoming an effective virtual market to market and sell goods. Anything can be sold there, ranging from shoes and clothing, vehicles, electronic goods – whatever you have, be it new or secondhand.


Those who have smart phones , and use them regularly automatically become a target market. How to use it it is easy, simply create an account in the app, snap items to be sold at, list of contacts, then just wait for a response from your advertising. Once your smartphone is connected to the internet, anyone can do this – it can also be great entertainment!


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