TIPS: Leasing A Car

Really want a car? If your budget is not enough, one of the existing solutions is through a credit or instalment system. Currently, many dealers offer credit to a third party acting as leasing. This procedure is not too complicated, but there are several things to consider before you make the decision to apply for credit. recommend the following to help you to decide:


  • Find a reputable dealer

Make sure your dealer has a good reputation and affordable instalments. You can do the calculation of the total price of the vehicle, the credit and cash. And also compare the amount of monthly instalments along with the repayment period. Do not be easily influenced by high price cuts. In general, if there is a big discount, the greater the payback terms.


  • Finance

After you do the calculation amount and duration of instalments payments, you can adjust your financial position.  For example, if your credit application with deposit (down payment) is large, the instalments will smaller, with a shorter amount of time to repay. If you miss instalments, the company can take back your vehicle.


  • Fines

You must make the possibility of late payments into account. Make plans to anticipate this. Any delay will result in a fine and the fine in every lease is not necessarily the same. Because of this you are required to specify the lease with a fine system that you can agree on.


  • Compare

When deciding on the vehicle you want, do not be easily swayed by marketing parties, and do not rush into choosing a leasing company. You first must compare the prices offered from any dealer.


  • Delivery of vehicle

Specifying the date of your vehicle delivery should be tailored to your financial situation. In general, two days after the date of delivery, is your instalment due date. So it is financially wise to arrange this to be at the beginning of the month. With proper and careful planning, you can manage this credit well.


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