TIPS: Investing in Gold

Nowadays, we hear many say: “now is the time to invest!”.  As Indonesia’s middle class population grows, we are very aware of this.  The government itself is projecting the proportion of the middle class in the country to have jumped from from 36,% in 2010 to 56.5% in 2013.


One of the most popular types of investments is gold. The average investment in this precious metal is considered to be secure with minimal risk. In addition, gold is also promising relatively stable profits over other types of investments. After all, the focus of gold investment is also aimed at protecting the wealth of economic fluctuations which are difficult to predict. Simply put, gold is inflation shield.


Gold is also considered more liquid. For those who need quick cash , gold can easily be sold. No need to look for quick funds without collateral current if your financial condition is suffering. And there is also the advantage of prestige in gold investment, especially with predictive information of rising gold prices in the near future. The temptation is also there to think of a quick profit from the difference between the price of gold purchased today and in the future.


Because investing in gold is so popular, credit is usually given instantly, obtained through unsecured loans fast process or KTA online. The others sometimes also give credit through their money lending mechanisms without any warranty or multipurpose loans.


Once the decision is taken for an investment option in gold, do not be greedy! You should bear in mind when investing in anything to avoid greed. It should be stressed, gold investment is long term and not for speculative purposes. That’s why many financial planners are reminded to avoid the advice of investing in gold for the pursuit of profit in a relatively short time.


Also, when investing in gold for speculation, the potential loss is wide open, because the price of gold could go down at any time. This situation will lead to problems if the fund investing it comes from debt. The disadvantage is slight because they can always sell back the gold at a price lower than the purchase price. Yet at the same time, the debt must be paid plus interest incurred.


This is where the importance of the knowledge to invest in gold comes. The Smart investor always realises that gold is a long term investment. This investment is intended to protect the value of wealth in the future from the threat of economic uncertainty.


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