TIPS: Home Renovation Loans

Well, it looks like this house needs renovation. Hearing this sentence would automatically make you think of the cost involved. But in fact, sometimes the renovation of the house cannot be ignored in the name of saving money. This may not just be home decoration, but maybe adding another floor or extension to increase the size of your home.


Especially for Jakarta residents, renovating houses now much easier. From July 2013, regulations are allowing it’s citizens to build up to three stories, if they wish.


So you have your ideas and plans – now how to fund them? Currently, there are quite a lot of banks that offer credit for multipurpose uses. This credit is intended for customers who need to finance home renovations, ranging from tens of millions to billions of dollars. There are credit requirements with collateral or otherwise. Calculate carefully the cost of your home remodelling first. It should be understood, that along with the cost of builder services, materials, and designers, you must also apply, with your plans, for a licensing IMB Building Permit (IMB). It is important to avoid fines.


Do not arbitrarily choose a loan that may eventually be too difficult to repay. Continue using the principles of financial planning experts for consumer credit repayments to be kept under 30 percent of your monthly income. Also, remember when applying for your loan that it is certainly a requirement to show the bank pay slips etc, and to show as collateral your certificate of ownership.


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