Tips: For Young Employees

Freshly Graduated? It is very exciting, after completing your studies, to begin a career, start a new phase as an employee, and to earn your own living. There will be a great sense of pride and satisfaction. There is a period of transition from school / college and learning to be an independent person. If you are smart in managing your money, you can certainly survive! With this in mind, we give the following advice:


  • Spending

Do not squander your first paycheck. Start your financial planning now – what percentage of the salary that you want / need to keep, what percentage is allocated for food, transportation, entertainment and monthly bills, such as accommodation, credit cards, smartphones etc. We recommend that you have at least 2 savings accounts, the first for daily expenses, and the latter serves as a savings store that should not be touched (no transactions of any kind).


  • Lunches

Regional offices are often surrounded by places to eat, but to use these regularly can burden your pocket. To overcome this, it is better if you prepare a lunch from home – much cheaper, in addition to being healthier.


  • Transport

If your office is fairly remote location, the use of private vehicles – motorbikes, cars – would be much more efficient if public transport is not viable. vehicle. As for the car user, of course this is an expensive option. But if you are relatively close to the location of the office, using a bicycle is a very appropriate alternative.


Car or motorbike sharing is an economical way to reach work, find out who lives nearby to you, and you can spread the cost of fuel, for example. This also makes sense for our environment – four people in four separate cars or four people in just one car! Also more fun to ride together.


  • Credit Card

If you have a credit card, take advantage of the best way to use it. We have discussed how we can wise in the use of credit cards and this review can be read on another article on our site. We are certainly aiming to be smart in the use of credit cards, and avoid excessive debt traps.


  • Internet Services

As a young and enthusiastic employee, you want to impress with your image and giving the best performance in your work. Arriving at the office on time, doing overtime, and so forth – to establish yourself in your career, you should be working very hard – your home is really then just a place to rest because most of the time you will tend to be in the office. Therefore, you should not subscribe to the internet at home, instead taking advantage of free WiFi spots facilities that exist in various malls, cafes or office buildings.


  • Benefits

Each company will certainly vary in providing facilities benefits, such as health insurance, transportation allowance, meal allowance, benefits communications, and so forth. Review the benefits given to see how effective the company will be to you. If a company has all of these things, that is very positive.