Tips: Choosing Your Credit Card

Many types of credit cards are offered by the banks, be sure to choose one that is particular to your needs. For example, no need to choose a Gold card just for status, as you will have to pay a substantial annual fee each year for the privilege.


Credit card based on fixed interest rates is a good idea if the payment method is done by way of refinance. Keep in mind, that the interest set by the issuing bank has a system which means if the bill is not paid off fully monthly then the total interest applied to the next month is calculated from the sum of the interest on the previous month.


The additional facilities provided by the bank issuer should also be considered such as Phone Service (Call Centers), Global ATM Access Facility Payment (Payment Points), Cash Back / Money Back, Purchase of Insurance Products (Purchase Protection) Credit Card Payment Insurance (Credit Shield / Credit Guard) Travel Insurance, and extras such as discounted facilities or access to Executive Lounges.