Tips: Car Insurance Claims

The process of claim reporting. Claims reporting should take place as soon as possible, such as if you have an accident that meant your car was damaged. Maximum claims should be made a maximum of 3 days after the accident occurred. The quicker this process is executed, the quicker your claim can be resolved.


o not forget to include the official report from the local police as well as photographs of the damage, your mobile phone is acceptable for this. Usually a car insurance employee will help you complete the process as part of their standard service. You can check if they do this before choosing them as service providers (vendors) or car insurers before signing the contract.


  • Car repair phase

If your claim has been approved, you can take your vehicle to a repair shop – usually one approved by the insurance partner. The workshop will then assess the damage and provide an estimate car repair time. If you are registered as a priority, your car repair work will take precedence. The thing to remember is not to put your car into the garage without the knowledge of car insurance company, because it can make your claim invalid. This is because the insurance company has the right to survey and record the parts of your vehicle that are damaged or missing. This is done before the repair takes place and has become a standard procedure. Completed claim documents should include a photocopy of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and the minutes of the accident from the police. Of course you have to include the claim form completed and signed.


  • The process involving a third party

If you have an accident with another party, do not ever give a written statement at the scene in which you say that you are willing to bear the losses. Just exchange your details. If a letter arrives from the third party directed to you it should be sent to the insurance company accompanied with a report of the accident from the police.


The insurance company will analyse and study the incident was based on existing data. If eligible, the vehicle will go to a third party repair shop under the instructions of them. If necessary, the car insurance will also cover medical expenses of third parties, if you submit the proof of payment of the treatment of victims.


  • Theft claims

Car theft can also be borne by the car insurance, if it was included in the agreement clause. Documents to be included are the claim form, photocopy of driver’s license registration, a certificate from the police, and the block letter registration. The car replacement cost can vary, depending on your original agreement with your car insurers. Typically, insurance will replace the car for the car’s value at the market price at the time, as it will be rested as a used car.


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