Tips: Buying Your Dream Home With A Mortgage

Home is where the heart is – and you can achieve yours through the credit system or with the term mortgage. below are some steps to help make this happen:

  • Determine your desired property

Of course, you are required to choose a home that will be within your financial means. You can choose based on location, maximum price, or other specifications. It is recommended that you have some alternative housing options, with the aim that can compare in terms of these.

  • Ensure that the property is clean from legal proceedings (disputes)

Make sure the house is not problematic, it means having a full certificate, including the IMB (building permit) and it is not involved in any disputes.

  • Make your offer

When you have decided on your home, make your offer. This is a form of your seriousness to have the house.

  • Repayment

In accordance with the agreed deadlines, you are required to pay a down payment ranging between 20-30%.

  • The process of submission to the bank

Now you can apply to the bank. If the house was purchased from the developer (manager / housing developers), they usually provide services to assist you in handling this case. But if you do not buy this way, then it is up to you to cover this application accordance with established procedures.


To apply for a mortgage, you are required to fill out a form that has been prepared by the bank, after it completes the requirements of filing mortgage documents, the husband and wife’s ID card (if already married), family card, income certificate, financial statement (if you are an entrepreneur), TIN private, personal income tax returns, a copy of the certificate along with a copy of the IMB.

  • Location survey

This survey process is conducted by the bank, with the goal of conducting a survey to where you work, and then into your home, as well as reviewing the home you want.

  • Interview

Next, you will be invited by the bank for the interview process, usually be done at the office of the bank, or possibly in your office. The essence of this interview is aimed at the extent of your seriousness in applying for the mortgage, as well as your financial condition, and steps in fulfilling your responsibilities in paying the monthly instalments over an agreed period of time.

  • The process of credit agreement

Once the bank approves your submission, then the signing of loan agreement becomes the final stage in this process. Considered in the credit agreement between your agreement with the bank will be good credit scores provided by the bank, the amount of interest, instalments, duration, and method of payment.


Once the loan agreement is signed, it means you get the keys – and you have your home.