TIPS: Business Opportunities From Home

Take a look around your area. There must be a neighbour who is conducting their business from home. That may be a shop, selling, catering or laundry services, barbers, beauticians – all are examples of promising home-based businesses. Given tenacity, patience, and seriousness of the search for business opportunities, home-based business can easily grow into profitable small businesses.


Starting a home business with small capital is in the category of small and medium enterprises (SME’s). In Indonesia, the SME population is large. 1996 Economic Census data showed about 99% of small business ventures in Indonesia were classified as SME’s. Moreover, this type of business can be as a side business to supplement income. Opening a home-based business is a good entrepreneurial opportunity. A promising home-based business is not easy to choose but that does not mean it can not be done. Use the following tips:


  • Business with target markets of residents in your area


Usually a classic problem when starting a home business is the type you choose, and capital to begin. Start by determining the promising small businesses. In addition, when your target market are local people, first understand their purchasing power and needs.

  • Business space and family living

Keep in mind when doing business at home the space requirement. Can you take advantage of the garage, porch, or empty land that could be used as a place of business? It is highly recommended to separate business and family space. This step is necessary so that the family’s privacy and comfort is maintained.

  • Help from a partner or other family members

A partner or family member can help – as long as you remember that they are only ‘helping’ – if you need help full-time, maybe your business is so successful that you can employ somebody and grow!


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