TIPS: BI Told Not To Allow High Credit Card Interest Rates

Bank Indonesia noted that most complaints received from the public is about credit cards . The number of complaints about credit cards is 86% while complaints about related payment systems and ATM cards are only 4%.


High interest rates on credit cards are the most frequent problem clients complained about. Bank Indonesia (BI) recognises that fact. Executive Director of Policy and Payment System Oversight (SP) Rosmaya Hadi denied that most customer complaints are about the amount of credit card interest rates.


The usual complaint was, he continued, associated with the mechanism of credit card is the high amount of continuous interest on bills that are not fully settled. In fact, Rosmaya stressed if that interest on credit cards really should not attract compound interest. In essence, unpaid interest should not be included in the calculation of the next month.


If the complaint has to BI, the central bank is obliged to respond. BI will confirm the complaint from the consumer to the credit card issuer. After receiving a report from the credit card issuing bank, the next step of BI is to analyse all the information.


If necessary, BI could have called on both sides to sit down together todiscuss the matter so as to achieve common ground that is satisfactory to all parties.


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