TIPS: Banks to Improve Security of Payment Systems

TIPS Banks to Improve Security of Payment SystemsBank Indonesia (BI) can not ignore the rise of banking fraud cases, particularly the use of Card Payment Instruments (APMK). The central bank promised to check the security system that is applied to the banking payments.


This means a thorough examination of its own systems, as none of the banks have escaped from fraud. Unfortunately, BI has not announced when the banking payment system checks will be done. The central bank hopes that it’s customers will remain calm following the rise of banking fraud cases. They are asked to be vigilant as well to be careful when conducting banking transactions.


As for APMK, BI have urged them to improve the reliability and security aspects of it’s organisation as stipulated in PBI 14/2 / PBI / 2012. The rules relate to the Implementation of Payment Card and ATM card issuers requesting them to accelerate the chip change process.


Banking fraud case itself is troubling. Moreover, BI has indicated that this can be remedied usingĀ  simple techniques, for example installing CCTV surveillance cameras at ATM machines to prevent steal PIN numbers.


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