The Importance of Tax Knowledge For New Business

There is often an envious reaction when a young person has a successful business, perhaps with premises and employees – particularly if they have their own business which is not doing so well!


If so, remember this satire from writer Seno Gumira Ajidarma. In his book ‘Being old in Jakarta’ he wrote:
“It would be terrible to grow old with memories of youth that only contains road congestion, fear of coming late to the office, routine tasks that do not inspire the spirit, and life as a machine – which will only end with retirement and not amounting to much.”


Satire can be a motivation to think about starting a business plan yourself. It cannot be done without belief, motivation, hard work, capital and detailed plans. But it can be achieved nonetheless. To quote Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo: The president-elect is always repeating the words “do … do … done!”.


However, starting a business is not as easy as you may imagine. Each person has a unique process when starting business. Some home-based businesses have been accustomed to accept rejections when applying for a bank loan disbursement.


Remember that your business should whether slowly or quickly, show results: get ready to receive a letter from the taxman – another important consideration for your business, and a matter that must be carefully handled – taxes must be paid! The matter of capital, the location of the business, cash flow, profitability, and so forth – even if business is not good.