Making Money Through the Internet

Tips: For Successful LivingThis is good news for those who want to earn money from the internet. Just look at the facts of the survey e-commerce site. The survey shows how Internet users in Indonesia prefer to buy something online rather than selling goods.


The conclusion was obtained after the site held a poll from 20 to 27July 2010. From the 7,522 participants who were involved in the poll, about 64 percent said they had bought online. While on the other hand, 60 percent of participants claimed never to sell anything via the Internet.


This poll followed by 61 percent of men and 39 percent women. The majority who participated in this survey were not married and they used to access the Internet via a PC / laptop, smartphone or iPad.


Of course, this survey gives a signal of how Internet users in the country can be called consumptive enough to offer goods and services via online. There is other evidence in which participants frequently access some sort of e-commerce itself.


Thus, when viewed from a business point, this condition indicates interest in the consumers of this country that there is a high existence of selling sites on the internet. The internet can be a potential source of extra money.


The proof can be seen from the mass media. Many successful people exist in the business sector with the help of the internet. Housewives are emerging as new entrepreneurs in the business world by utilising the internet.


For these women, making money from the internet is a necessity. Other benefits beyond improving the economy of the family are obtained. Through home-based online business, the mother could have time together with the children. That is, the housewife who cultivates an online home business can make money without having to leave their homes and families.


Interestingly, becoming a home based businesswoman is now a dream for most mothers. Building your own business that can make money without limits without leaving home is seen as more valuable than working outside the home – in an office for example.