Free Business Licenses with ID cards

Good news for those who would like to open a small business. No need to bother anymore to set aside some capital to open new businesses with licences. Now, it is an increasingly easy affair because of capital identity cards such as e-ID cards – and they are free!


This policy as part of a government effort to simplify licensing businesses opening in the country. The process itself has reached the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, led by successful entrepreneur Chairul.


He asserted that anyone should be able to register a business license with only one form. This is possible because the government already keeps a database derived from the electronic identity card (e-ID).


Chariul also said that licensing fees were confusing and unnecessary because they were already complimentary – licensing fees for the opening of businesses are already borne by the State Budget (Budget).


This effort, according Chairul, is the step of providing incentives for small businesses. Other forms of real incentive are to stop local governments punishing, by levies, small businesses that already have a permit. He reasoned that a levy exemption is a real form of government incentives given.


Government support does not end there. Business people who want to pioneer small businesses can utilise assistance from relevant institutions and have ease of access to banking. This answers a lot of complaints beginner from businessmen who have encountered problems regarding getting bank financing.


It will be considered enough to show a letter from the government licensing. With this, businesses can open an account and apply for business loans from banks and non-bank financial institutions.


The simplification of the rules on licensing for small businesses is expected to creating a conducive business climate in the country. In addition, this rule also include harmonisation between central and local licensing. These licensing facilities are due to start from this month of September. September. A great incentive for entrepreneurs at the end of the administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.