Credit as a Business Tool

This also applies to bank debt alias credit loan, which can merely be a solution of the lack of capital in the business starting your own business. Relying on savings by setting aside revenue can indeed work, but is slow to build in the nature of the business-related momentum. Unfortunate if the momentum of the business must be delayed because of insufficient capital.


Before borrowing it helps build the reason for the loan to the bank. Keep debt or credit to be used as a ‘booster’ for the business. When used properly, debt can sustain business development for the better. Like the saying ‘catching fish’. The larger the fishing net, the greater the possibility of getting more fish.


Lately, applying for loans to banks is relatively easy. Nowadays many offer microcredit to entrepreneurs who have started a businesses again. It’s been popular with a lot of mother-housewives who utilise the offer for the business side. They do not need to painstakingly make business documents. Simply relying on a certificate that proves that the working husband receives a fixed income is enough.


In addition, it is also necessary to collect information about the types of credit. First, micro-credit facilities with interest for below Rp 50 million. While small loan maximums are Rp 500 million. Then there is another medium credit with the submission of up to Rp 5 billion.


There is also an easy way without having to worry that the expansion pioneering efforts will be hampered by the requirements of the bank, the franchise business. The most practical kind of business to get a loan is this because of the value of business is not zero anymore. Purchasing a franchise, that has already proved itself to be successful, with systems and models in place already defined is not a bad risk anymore.


If you want the option to start the business from scratch, there’s nothing wrong utilising unsecured loans (KTA). The risk, these loans fall into the category of consumer that interest rates are relatively high. In addition however, note also that the turnover of the business can be obtained to cover the mortgage each month until the term ends.